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Tips to Pick the Right Centrifuge for Your Industry

by Molly

One of the most important pieces of lab equipment is the centrifuge. Choosing a suitable centrifuge can occasionally feel like a daunting undertaking. They range in size, functionality, and capacity from mini-centrifuges to large-capacity centrifuges.

This impossible undertaking is made even more difficult by including functions like refrigeration and network connections. Suppose you are searching for guidance in choosing a suitable centrifuge for your industry lab.

In that case, we will provide tips about selecting a perfect centrifuge for your lab as an industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer. Here are some tips you can follow while choosing a centrifuge.

1. Check Flexibility

Rarely have we found a lab where one size fits all, requiring that your centrifuge be shared with other lab members or that your current process differs from that of the future.

Consider centrifuge alternatives that offer the added flexibility of several rotors that are also very simple to swap out. Take advantage of the freedom of choice that comes with that centrifuge’s ability to accept a range of tube sizes.

2. Check Space in Your Lab

Another important consideration while choosing a centrifuge is the space available in your lab. Although selecting a piece of equipment with all the luxuries associated with it may be alluring, it won’t be much use if you don’t have enough floor space to accommodate it.

3. Intuitive Control

Why add any extra complexity to the situation? Since you probably need to use your centrifuge as soon as you buy and acquire it, you shouldn’t have to spend too much time learning how to use it.

Therefore, choose a centrifuge renowned for offering more intuitive operational management, including control panels with user-friendly interfaces, to make things easy on yourself and the rest of your lab personnel.

4. G-Force is a Priority

RPMs are undoubtedly a consideration, but they may not provide you with all the information you require about the item. Instead, it would help if you prioritized G-Force when choosing your next centrifuge. With this information, you may more rapidly identify your needs and narrow down the centrifuge options available to you.

5. Safety Features

Fortunately, many manufacturers incorporate safety mechanisms to help people and nearby equipment, although centrifuges can pose substantial safety dangers. Keep a look out for the following features:

  • An electronic lid lock stops the lid from opening unintentionally while the centrifuge is in operation.
  • Sealed rotors: This prevents bio-hazardous material from leaking throughout the entire centrifugation process.

6. Does Sample Need a Refrigerator?

Refrigerated centrifuges are the ideal option for applications requiring precise temperature control or a lower internal temperature while in use. Refrigerated centrifuges have cooling systems that reduce and hold specified temperatures while in use.

A vented centrifuge should be considered due to its reduced cost and smaller footprint if temperature control is not necessary for your application. Refrigerated centrifuges are bigger than their vented counterparts, and additional room is needed for ventilation surrounding the unit.

Last Words

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